Mother Daughter Books

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Do I have to meet on the first Friday night of each month?

Answer:  No!  You can meet anytime that best fits your group’s schedule.  For example:

  • You can use the materials in an after school program for girls on a weekly basis. When they sign up, you can give moms the option to work through the Girl Time Guide with their daughters at home even if they are unable to attend.
  • You can use the materials once a week during a regularly scheduled hour at church.  Groups can use the materials during aSunday or Wednesday evening time when they are already meeting. It can be used with girls only or it can be a special time where girls and moms gather. Again, you can present the option of moms using the Girl Time Guide at home.
  • You can meet once a week for 9 months by using the materials in the Leaders Guide at the first of each month and then using the Girl Time Gide sessions once a week for the rest of the month.  In this case, you may want to consider designing your own game and/or craft for the other sessions.
  • You can use the materials for a week long summer camp!

Question: Can I use the materials with high school girls?

Answer: I would suggest you read through the materials and determine if this is appropriate for the girls you have in mind.  I have had a high school group use the materials to lead girls and moms that are currently living in a shelter for women and children.  This way the high school girls learn the truths as they teach them to younger girls.

Question: Can I start a group even if I miss the September start date recommended in the book?

Answer: Absolutely! Many groups start in October. In one case where many of the girls did not know each other, they started with the Heart of Trust unit and used the Heart of Friendship unit at their closing Tea Party during Heart of Grace.  Instead of talking through highlights of the year, they closed with rejoicing in new friendships.  There are many ways to work with the schedule and materials.