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The best time to figure out what your values are and how to handle yourself in the middle of the struggle is before you meet it, not in the middle of the situation or the heat of the battle.

First Friday Friends isn't a book or a guide or a's an event, mother daughter devotional, a journey, and a movement. It's a movement of hearts - of mothers and daughters toward each other as well as mothers and daughters toward the Father. It's a devotional movement of mothers and daughters who, together, make a choice to say, "We aren't going the way of the world. We aren't rifing with the flow of culture. We're living the way God designed life. We're counter-culture swimmers." This type of life give freedom.

For mothers, First Friday Friends creates the opportunity to visit with each other about what's going on in your daughters lives and what issues are currently being faced. It provides an opportunity to link arms with like-minded mothers to ask questions and discover.

This Resource Page for the Leader Guide is designed to enrich and guide you in your First Friday Friends monthly gatherings and mother daughter devotional book readings.  Leaders, if you want to know more about how to start a group, click below on "Let's Start" and read about the process.  Once you are ready, click on the picture of the unit that you are presenting, and it will take you to a page full of ideas for games, story enrichment and craft ideas. This page is also an idea board where you can share your ideas and successes for other First Friday Friends groups to learn and glean from.  If you have ideas that you believe other groups would enjoy, please send them to