“Just arrived home from First Friday Friends and again on the ride home Jillian was energized and animated.  I have a daughter who I believed told me everything . . . and yet this material and “group sharing” opened up areas of discussion and concerns for my daughter that I did not know (about) . . . I am thankful for all that has been poured into the writing of this study.  God’s Word and a foundation in Him will give them everything they need!”

-     Denise Taylor, mom of Jillian


Heart to Heart: Growing Relationships Between Mothers and Daughters is surprisingly effective. Using a series of fun, creative, interactive times together, Heart to Heart creates an atmosphere where relationship can grow and flourish. Context is created for life-transforming discussions around compelling core life issues while mixing in hilarious adventures and unforgettable experiences. The surprise: as the relationship with mother and daughter grows, so does their relationship with God.  It’s all brilliantly designed to actively prepare pre-teen and early-teen daughters for their teenage years. It helps them to not just survive in our fast changing world, but to thrive in it.”

–     Teena Goble, PrayerCare Ministries


“We have seen first-hand how God has used First Friday Friends to powerfully connect moms and daughters as they pursue Christ together. Our girls learned to walk with God, hear His voice, and find authentic Christian community as they worked through this incredible resource. Get some friends together and start growing!”

-     Barrett and Jenifer Johnson, INFOforfamilies.com


“You're in for some exciting adventures ahead! The works of art are brilliant, and the materials inspire moms and daughters to draw closer to each other and to God. I love the way Catherine shares her heart and encourages you to search for your own dreams. Many memories will be made through the "chat” times, and the discussions created will draw you together for a lifetime. Be brave and take the challenge!  You'll be glad you did!”

-     Cyndy Nordyke, speaker and author, Nordyke Ministries


“I really enjoyed having fun time with my girlfriends, and I loved playing fun games with everybody that made us all giggle! I also really enjoyed snuggling at home with my mom when we were doing Girl Time.” 

-     Katherine Scheffrahn, daughter of Becky


“First Friday Friends has been a wonderful blessing in our lives!  My daughter and I look forward to meeting our First Friday Friends every month. The girls are gaining strength from God's word, knowledge from the lessons, and confidence from each other.  The mothers are being given the precious gift of time with their daughters...to talk, to laugh, to listen, as they share their hearts and world. Each month we laugh, we cry and together we learn that God's word is alive and His truth is relevant to life in middle school!”

-     Megan Ayers, mom of Eden


"Our group of moms wished to have a fun gathering where we would communicate our values and love for God with our daughters.  We talked about this for a couple of years, but none of us had found what we desired until we saw Heart to Heart. What a great resource and help!  It allowed us to talk about our faith in God and how it impacts our life choices. This was perfect for our group of girls, and we made so many great memories. What a success it was! I also enjoyed having Girl Time with my daughter. She is my first-born daughter, and I had no modeling from my childhood of intentional conversations between parent and child. This study provided meaningful and encouraging nights of conversations with my daughter. Love that!  Need that!"

-     Becky Scheffrahn, mom of Katherine


“I love the subject matter and the stories.  The material inspires conversations that allow our girls to see these lessons are not just coming from ‘momma’.”

-     Kim Summons, mom of Kailey and Allison


“First Friday Friends is a great way to create community in a fun environment.  I loved hosting and leading.  It started out as an effort to create community in a larger church. The girls LOVED their time together, and an added benefit was spending time with moms in the same season of life. I cherish those relationships. The sharing and discussions were invaluable.  My daughter especially loved Girl Time.  Thank you, Catherine, for sharing your heart and passion!”

-     Stephanie French, mom of Alex