Building Mother Daughter Relationships

Girl Time Guide

Girl Time is a weekly date between mother and daughter to discuss the topic presented that month at First Friday Friends in greater depth. This one-on-one time is crucial to building the mother daughter relationship and maintaining the bond. Girl Time is designed to encourage each mother and daughter to get to know each other in a richer and deeper way; to open the door for discussions on life topics; to create a habit of setting aside the busyness of life to invest in our relationships; and to make space to listen with your whole being that will, in time, become a pattern for the rest of your lives.

Mothers and Daughters – use this resource page to enrich your mother and daughter time.  Click on the picture of the unit you are currently working through together where you will find links that are referenced in your Girl Time Guide. You are on the ground floor of an exciting adventure for building mother daughter relationships! We’d love for you to share your ideas and encouragement for other mothers and daughters in this resource section. Please send us your ideas and links to