Will the Sun Ever Go Down?

                            . . . And Other Summertime Mother Musings


God created the world with a regular rhythm, and the long days of summer is one of them.  Sometimes I’m ready for bed long before the summer sun sets. However, if you are looking for connection points with your daughter or son, bedtime might just be the perfect time.

Besides eating, we all need sleep. Spending time before bedtime is another natural place to connect. Many times, this was difficult for me because I’m an early bird, not a night owl.  I would wander into their rooms only to struggle to keep my eyes open. Some of you may think that a bedtime connection is only for young children when you read a book or say their prayers. However, for my son, this was the best time to connect. 

When the lights went out, and the room was quiet, was when this boy would open up.  All distractions were gone, and he was ready to share.  When he was little, he wanted me to sit on the edge of his bed, tickle his back and tell him a story. Even in high school, I spent many nights sitting on the edge of his bed talking about the day and things that were on his mind. 


Take a moment and consider:

Where is the best place to connect with your child during the regular rhythms of life - each day and week?