Anchoring Your Family Together

           Rhythms over time Create History

Each family is unique, and playing off your uniqueness as a family builds bonds and creates stories that binds hearts and families for a lifetime.  Summer is a great time of the year to create regular rhythms that turn into family traditions. 

Tradition – making an occasion memorable that lasts for years and years - is not just a family's unique way of celebrating a holiday; it is a way of creating cohesiveness.  It provides a sense of continuity and belonging. They anchor us to each other.

Create traditions that are outside of the box that become uniquely yours.

For example, August is just days away. And, for many, summer 2015 is soon to close. Plan an end of the summer family gathering.  Choose a place that invites conversations such as a quiet restaurant or a picnic in the park.  Be prepared for meaningful conversations about the summer and about the new school year ahead.

Let’s Chat

Below are some ideas to create meaningful conversations with your children.

·         What was good about this summer?

·         What would you like to do differently?

·         What are you looking most forward to this new school year?

·         Do you see challenges ahead for this year?

·         What ways would you like to gather as a family this new school year?

·         How can I pray for you as you start this new school year?

If you do this at the end of each summer, it will become a family tradition and a place of grounding for your family.  You can laugh over the events of the summer and join hands together for the new season to come.