Moms, YOU are Connected . . . It's a Fact

Whether you are in a good relationship with your child or not, you are connected.  It’s an indisputable fact.  The umbilical cord is cut, but the connection remains. 

Let me share a personal example of this. My mom is 82 years old. My mom's father was an angry alcoholic.  He would come home drunk at night and chase the kids with an axe.  My mom and her brother would hide in the woodshed.

Her mother left her father, and it was difficult to feed her children, so she gave my mom away to Uncle Green and Aunt Grace – who later became my Granny and Papa.  After living with Uncle Green and Aunt Grace for a couple of years, my mom’s mother remarried and started a new family. 

My mom felt twice rejected. 

Mama recently said, “I didn’t think it was right for her to start another family and never ask for me back.” To this day, even though she was loved greatly by my Granny and Papa, her heart aches when she thinks of her mother.

The question is not, “Are you connected?”  The questions are, "How do you build a strong connection?  How do you bind their hearts to yours? How do you capture and keep their hearts?”

It’s summer.  What a great time to shake up your routine and create some fun family memories while growing heart strings!


Gather the family together and ask them:

·         What are some of your favorite summer memories?

·         What is your favorite summer family activity?

·         What one or two things would you like for us as a family to do this summer?

Listen to their ideas, and when possible – do it!