First Friday Friends . . .

Growing Lifelong Relationships between Mothers and Daughters

First Friday Friends is designed for a gathering of moms and daughters (roughly age 9 to 14) to encourage discussions about real-world issues and make decisions about tough dilemmas before the girls encounter them.  Grounded in Scripture and based on Judeo-Christian values, the gatherings include games and crafts to engage the girls as stories capture their minds and hearts.  Relationships flourish between mothers and daughters in the same season of life. In addition to the group gathering, there is also a specially designed one-on-one mother and daughter time once a week where conversations continue about the topic presented during First Friday Friends.

First Friday Friends' mother daughter books are all about building community and relationships between mothers and daughters as well as with Jesus, who calls us “friend.” It’s also about having a safe place to talk about life and wrestle through issues to find the best way to live life in a world that often discourages us from living according to what Scripture says.